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NEW Games of 2020 You Should Try

April's gonna be an enormous month for video games hi folks its Falcon and today on game ranks games you would like to play in April of 2020 just a fast disclaimer before we start Minecraft dungeons are almost definitely delayed there is no real reason to expect that game this month so that's why we're not talking about it but without further ado

 Deliver Us To The Moon 

a sci-fi thriller set during a post-apocalyptic future with there is no energy source on the world that works anymore anyways but one was found on the moon now a base was found out to reap this energy and something happened where all communications from that base ceased you're an astronaut rising to research what happened this is often a game that came out on PC last October it's very well-loved by the community of individuals who've played it it isn't an extended game I beat it in only a touch over six hours and it's during a ll|one amongst|one in every of"> one among those games it'll just suck you in entirely it's such an honest telling of a story and while being extremely well told the story is additionally refreshingly simple in a manner that creates it tons more believable deliver us to the moon is hitting ps4 and Xbox one on April 24th 

Disaster Report 4

 summer memories a reasonably novel concept where you've got to flee a city that has been destroyed you play as a personality that goes into the town for employment interview there is a massive earthquake and you're trapped it's cool you'll enter collapse buildings and check out to seek out new ways to urge out as you're doing this you will find other survivors and you'll use with this thing I'll say it's interesting in these times that we're seeing games like this developed it is a series that has become gradually more noticeable disaster report 4 + summer memories is coming to PlayStation 4 Nintendo Switch and PC on April 7th 


a trucking game we're browsing very cold extreme environments with a reasonably deep simulation on environments the physics that we have seen which are explained about this game sound incredible they've done an excellent job simulating different water levels for the environment so you'll find yourself having muddy terrain you'll find yourself having frozen terrain and your truck will react different regardless of what quite terrain that's what's particularly cool is in fact once you need to cross water the water currents may very well overwhelm your truck and upturn it and from what I've seen it's actually quite cool when that happens the physics stuff of this game is basically impressive and i am definitely looking forward to how it plays out there is a wide selection of various trucks you'll be driving from small pickup trucks to massive semi-trucks there is a ton of heavy industrial equipment you'll be driving it's sort of a pretty in-depth trucking simulation it seems like tons of fun snow runner is releasing on the 28th on ps4 Xbox One and PC 

Gears Tactics

 a turn-based strategy game in fact supported the Gears of War franchise honestly i feel that's an honest idea good off the bat something along the lines of XCOM but as Gears of War you rarely up a squad and undergo an immersive and character-driven story consistent with the marketing materials one thing I do like is that it promises to bring some very big boss battles the sport has set 12 years before the first Gears of War on the brink of the start of the particular war where cities are falling to the Locust Horde stuff gets worse after the events of this game so i feel we will make some guesses on what exactly happens, however, it's sure to be quite ride gears tactics have are available Xbox one and Microsoft Windows April 28th 

Some Day You'll Return 

a psychological horror game that appears like it's extremely much drawing on the type of outlast and vanishing of Ethan Carter also because the more traditional Silent Hill kind of you're entering a mystical place type thing the thought of this game is you are looking for your daughter she's run away a couple of times before but this point it feels different because she has run away to a forest that you simply promised you'd never return to in fact you come back thereto hence the title today is someday so to talk and therefore the game presents you with a really unique and otherworldly forest that's crammed with many well let's just say terrifying stuff there's monsters during this game but let's be honest the human foes are probably the worst a minimum of consistent with what we have seen thus far someday you'll return is coming to PlayStation 4 Xbox One and Windows on April 14th

Predator Hunting Grounds 

which is an asymmetrical shooter that yes we have seen quite few of these in recent years but altogether honesty just about everything we have seen and heard about this one sets it apart during a way of that creates me a touch more excited for it
 predator may be a hell of a monster to be ready to play as and from what we have seen of the game-play it's like they've adapted it rather well basically having one meter that handles everything giving him the power to try to to tons of stuff but balance it during a way that it isn't completely unfair and believe me like within the movies it's really unfair the predator is an overpowered person on the partially that is the lure of this game even obviously the purpose if you are not the predator is to urge the hell out of the forest 

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