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Best 6 Smartphones for 2020

we are coming towards the center of 2020 and what a year it has been for smartphones. We've had numerous good smartphones this year and, as I neutralize the top of each year SuperSaf Style, I'm gonna be producing an inventory of my absolute top five. Now a couple of disclaimers before we start. I've, of course, used tons of smartphones this year, as you'll see, but I've not used every single one, so this is often my personal top five list. it'd vary for yours. That's fine. we will still be friends, this list isn't getting to be in any particular order.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+

I'm combining them because they're both very, very similar and these are a number of the simplest all-around devices that you simply can purchase this year. I had the S10+ in my pocket for a really, very while. The S10s also are a number of the sole devices left this year that have 3.5mm jack, also as expandable storage. this is often something that we're not seeing much of during this smartphone space, but that aside, these are great phones. Amazing displays with a clock out, which I don't mind, so you are doing maximize that screen-to-body ratio. you've an excellent built-in design, the water and mud resistance, fast charging, fast wireless charging,

 iPhone 11 Pro Max

Now, although we'd not have a drastic design change, especially from the front, the opposite devices on this list may need smaller bezels and better displays overall, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max is such an honest device, especially for the cameras. I've said this before but it shoots the simplest on any smartphone. I do find it the simplest all-around camera package when it involves video, the flexibility of images, the consistency between the pictures, low-light performance, stabilization. All of those things I feel the iPhone does very, alright and that is one among the explanations why it's stayed in my pocket. But apart from that, you've amazing improvements in terms of battery life. Apple is now including a quick charger, which they haven't done traditionally. you've wireless charging.

OnePlus 7 Pro

or the OnePlus 7T Pro. Although the worth of OnePlus devices has been increasing year on year, OnePlus has been giving us more and more features year on year, and this year the highlight has got to be that super-smooth 90-hertz display. That, alongside the beautiful much bezel-less design, makes it one among the simplest displays on the market immediately and it's fast and smooth, like OnePlus say. you've UFS 3.0 storage, you've the 855 or the 855 Plus, and every one of that combined with Oxygen OS makes this one among the fastest smartphones out there easily. Now, a number of the areas where OnePlus devices do fall back a touch bit firstly possesses to be the cameras. Although they're pretty good for many situations, they're not nearly as good because of the competition, which, in my opinion, shoot far better images and videos. And also we still do not have wireless charging.

 Note10 and Note10+ 

are very, excellent devices. Now, although we'd not have a high refresh rate screen, these are still a number of the simplest displays due to the minimal bezels. we've that clock out. But the most thing that separates the displays of the Note series versus others is that these displays are very, very bright. They're a number of the brightest displays out there and that is a compromise that I used to be personally willing to form when using the Note devices. apart from that, you have great internals overall, also because of the S Pen. The S Pen are some things that I do not use every single day but it is so, so useful when need it for signing documents, remotely triggering the camera,

Huawei P30 Pro

This is a really, excellent smartphone. It has, I believe, the primary five-time optical zoom on a smartphone and it's amazing how they've achieved this through periscope technology. a tremendous build and style. The gradient look that Huawei introduced a couple of years ago is now being copied by many other manufacturers and it's beautiful. Amazing, amazing battery life. this is often something that Huawei is extremely, excellent at, alongside 40 watts super fast charging. That charger comes out of the box. you do not need to pip out separately, such as you need to do with some devices. in no time wireless charging also. Now, personally not an enormous fan of the display. It's pretty good but there are many other better displays out there. and therefore the cameras, although I do like them, especially for low light, they are not amazing for video. I do still find that they tend to smooth your skin, albeit you've got beauty mode completely transitioned and this is often especially the case for the front-facing camera. which is my top five list, but it isn't finished so far. I do want to select a bonus. So we have got the highest five but there's a bonus,

Redmi K20 Pro

which I do know tons of you guys are gonna be mentioned within the comments. Unfortunately, this came very, very late to the united kingdom and it's something that I didn't personally get an opportunity to check out. except for the specs that you're aged that device at that price point, it is a very, very impressive device, little question that. And within the gaming space, the ASUS ROG Phone II far and away in my opinion, handily is that the best gaming smartphone you'll buy. I play Call of Duty thereon all the time. It's great to ascertain a smartphone built from the bottom up for gamers and if you're somebody who's into gaming, that's the phone that I might recommend. so that is my top five list, also as a bonus and a few honorable mentions.

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