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Cool items Under 10$ from Amazon

some unique items that are under $10 from my that I think you need in your life like they're unique and but I just had to come and share them with you if I love them so I want to share them with you guys and just give you a heads up that they're out there if you're new here I'll show everything like a style from DIY projects and home decor to beauty I love to have you and also don't forget all of the items that I mention they are gonna be in my Amazon stores so be sure it's ahead there I have everything in my home there oh my god so let me share with you the things I have okay this first I'm gonna share with you is something that's so so so important now I've found it to be so helpful and by okay you ready for it

Water Bottle With Counter

this is a warm bottle but it's a counter so it counts the number of bottles of water you go through in a day okay so drinking no hoarder is hard I know everybody struggles with that and I'm the time I like to keep track of how many cups or bottles of water I've gone through and so I was looking for some type of device to help me keep track of that because you know I need to drink more you know we we all need to drink more water and so if I'm helpful and easier ways to do that like it was so neat it for me and so I was like oh my god so I want to found this guy that this thing is so cool because each time you fill it up a handful of dots on here so that each time you fill it up you can go to your next stop so that means you can look at it as this is your you're working on your second cup of water or you completed two cups of water I mean me and my husband dippers he likes the new boy I like to do the other way so I like to keep it on the number down on so this is my second fill-up I keep it on - but he likes to put it on - once he's completed you know the two cups I mean the two Phillips so he will be on three but complete it - it doesn't matter which way you want to use it which way you look at it it's just freaking cool like it's so cool because each time you fill it up you're in can you turn it and you know okay I've done three bottles today and it goes all the way to four so I imagine drinking four of these bottles of water a day yeah that's what we need we need this and it's it's a fairly large by the way easily washable and the top comes right out there's no issues guys I love something I cannot preach on it enough light if you like me you might wanna grab this like after I got wine my husband won my home yeah great great buy unique what great luck mm-hmm okay so this a second I know that's sold like it's not really unique but it's so common but I just had to share with you guys and that is this

Cool Phone case

look I know you've probably heard about home dances before but when I tell you I no matter where I have gone any store everybody has stopped me to ask me where did I get this phone case weird right yeah even the people that are cashiers or that got people who had you like touch my phone on the scanner of something they were like oh my God where did you get this case wrong seriously this case is a game-changer this I mean honestly it's so it made my song feel brand-new and I'm not saying that to hype it up I'm saying that because I love this case okay
 it's not only cute it's durable and it's tough and it's just I don't know something about it just makes your phone feel new like it's so cute I had to throw this out there sorry to say throw it out there it's a heck of a case and it's so adorable okay moving on since we're talking a lot of phones I'm gonna share this with you this is a it's a

Magnetic Ring 

nut string you probably have seen the rings before on people's phones but this one is a magnetic ring that goes on the back of your phone which comes in handy for when you want to carry your phone when you want to watch your phone and because it's magnetic you can connect it to a magnetic phone holder it's like a three-in-one so it serves as a device you can put your finger through to my honey it's a little bit easier you can also use it to watch videos on it and use it as a spin but because it's magnetic.

Gadgets Links:
RFID Wallet: ($12-15)
Magnetic Car Phone holder: (I got for $10 but $ went up!)
Chips Sealer: lids: Gold Magnetic Phone Ring: Bottle: Silicone Phone Case:

RFID Wallet: ($10)

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