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Full Review for Huawei Nova 7i 2020

here is 2020 comes with the releases of smartphones which will match up in some ways flagship phones then far they've released a bunch of entry-level phones just like the Huawei y 7p and y9s but now we're taking a glance at Wally's first mid-range phone and therefore the y are releasing for 2020 which is that the Huawei nova 7i so we're gonna be taking a glance at it and what makes it special on behalf of me particularly i feel is that the "> it is the battery the cameras and the performance among other features that we'll be talking about during this blog so we're gonna be stepping into this but first let's do a fast review the nova 7i comes in and while a typical white packaging which looks really clean inside that we're gonna find the phone itself put that to the side for now underneath we have got the SIM card ejector and a free jelly case we have got the charging cable which is USB type-c it in order that 's really great to ascertain it we've also got the charging brick which may be a 40 watt supercharged I'll tell you that in only a touch and we have got some standard earphones also within the box once we continue and obtain into the phone I just want to speak a touch more about the 40 watt supercharged charger so this will charge the phone from 0 to 70 percent in only half-hour so that is basically fast you recognize sometimes you awaken within the morning and you forgot this connect your phone and you awaken your phone is dead you recognize you'll just plug this in within the morning take a shower prepare for the day and by the time you're done you've got 70 you look after your battery charged now apart from the quickness of the charge what else is vital is how long the battery actually lasts and that is why it's really great that this phone comes with a 4200 mAh battery which may last you throughout the day maybe even more so now let's get into the planning of the phone so a take a glance out this the primary thing I notice is that it feels specialized within the hand it's got a curved back which makes it comfortable to carry it's got what they call a 3D four-sided curved the glass design so that's why it feels specialized to carry it doesn't desire it's gonna slip out of your hand but it still feels really comfortable it's got an honest weight thereto which allows you to know that what you're holding is formed of excellent materials and possesses an honest build quality and something really cool is that it is also still got the headphone jack on the side you will find the quantity rockers and right below it you will find the facility button which has the built-in fingerprint scanner and this is often one among the simplest and fastest and most reliable fingerprint scanners that I've tried additionally to the present the front-facing camera also gives you the choice to use face unlock in fact one among the foremost important things is the display you will be watching this most of the time so it is vital that it's good


it's got a gorgeous large full-screen display about six points four inches came each the LCD panel with a screen resolution of 1080 x 2310 it is a vivid display with nice saturated colors and everything just looks crisp really clear no visible pixels I just like the look of this display and in fact within the upper left corner we have got that hole-punch cutout for the selfie camera more thereon later now getting to the rear this is often the crushed green color variant also comes in midnight black or pink but yeah the one I even have the crushed green variant and that I think it's specialized the metallic shine gives it a premium look and it's very nice especially when the sunshine hits it a good look


at that now on the rear the primary thing getting to that you will that you simply simply 're going to notice and during a ll|one among stone in every of one among the most standout features is via quad camera setup it's arranged during a 2 by 2 a square camera module which follows many of the highest flagship designs of 2020 and around it's a skinny metal frame which keeps it durable and protects it once you lay it down on a table so you do not got to worry that camera bump getting scratched once you put let's mention those four cameras within the quad camera setup it's got four AI cameras included it's got a 48 megapixel main camera and i am really proud of this one the standard looks specialized with good lighting you'll get some really highly detailed shots I'm really proud of it you've also got the 8 megapixel 120 degrees ultra wide camera i actually love Ultra why this is often often often often often often my favorite lens it's got a sensor with larger pixels which suggests that you're gonna get greater detail and therefore the distortion and bending that's usually seen on the edges of ultra wide photos is kept to a minimum through AI for a more natural look is additionally it is also got a 2 megapixel lens for creating realistic background blur in portrait mode and that i was really impressed with the portraits that came from the camera and did a very good job of balancing the highlights and the shadows and separating the foreground and the rear ground with a very clean cut out round the subject

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