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Top 12 Future Technology Inventions 2020

1.Microlino the electrical Microcar 

the bubble car has been reinvented and electrified the two-seater car are often recharged at any conventional power socket just like the original the front entrance design lets the driving force and passenger exit and step straight onto the sidewalk the eight-kilowatt battery pack provides 80 kilometers of range while the larger 14.4-kilowatt battery pack should be good for 215 kilometers it does zero to 50 km/h in five seconds and may reach a top speed of 90 km/h adequate to 56 miles per hour

2.Rubik's Cube 3-second solver 

 designed and inbuilt China the robot took Thomas about three years to finish it solves the cube 1.7 seconds faster than the present human record of 4.7 4 seconds

 3.Self-Solving Rubik's Cube

 most Rubik robots require the cube be placed during a specially designed cradle covered actuators and sensors but here everything is made into the cube itself more impressively it's now an equivalent dimensions as a typical Rubik's cube it originally started much bigger by the Japanese creator human controller

 4.Self-driving Motorcycle by BMW 

BMW built this self-driving motorcycle to check and develop new safety systems these safety features are aimed toward supporting inattentive drivers the bike took two years to develop it's just for testing purposes

5. Interactive Projections 

in this art installation effects were controlled by individuals using real-time motion tracking sensors these are live interactions with none post-production [Music]

6.HRP 5p the Humanoid Construction Robot 

 the robot aims to exchange heavy-duty human labor it had been created as a response to Japan's labor shortage the robot can perform various construction tasks like learning plasterboards and screwing them onto the wall

 7.Pokemons four Hololens 

my bully entertainment has created a mixed reality version of their pokemon demo it features a multiplayer mode cart scanning it merges the 2 classic pokemon play styles into one interactive experience

 8.Soda Pop the pop bottle Speaker 

Oslo based studio permafrost created a mini speaker designed to unravel the most problem for little portable speakers the pop connects to any suitable plastic bottle to get the maximum amount as 10 decibels of additional bass if you do not have a pop bottle handy you'll attach its bottle-shaped carrying case pop features to full range four-watt speakers and a passive base membrane within the center of the speaker that provides the bottle an additional kick

9.Gaming Haptic Suit 

by hardline this gaming haptic vest is robust enough to simulate a punch and precise enough to feel the lightest taps of rain it's 16 unique haptic feedback zones and features advanced in-game body tracking you'll also switch to audio mode for haptic feedback generated by the audio signal although the foremost advanced haptic suit at the instant they're going to pack up soon if they do not secure additional funding

10.Electric Flying Taxi by Vertical Aerospace

 earlier this summer vertical aerospace tested their electric flying taxi completing its first flight ever weighing a complete of 750 kilograms the aircraft features four rotors and may carry between two and 4 passengers it's a variety of 93 miles at a top speed of 186 miles per hour the corporate says that it aims to launch the air taxi service by 2022 but wants to try to to it with onboard pilots to abide with Aviation Regulations

11.Solar-Powered Yacht by Solar Impact 

this solar-powered yacht has the power to cruise the whole globe without aiming to stop and refuel the 78-foot electric boat features an enormous solar battery which covers the boat stop generating up to 320 kilowatts on a sunny day for cloudy air days there's a pair of 65-kilowatt diesel engines onboard as a backup additionally the 800-kilowatt battery provides 10 hours of cruising capability the interiors of the yacht were designed for long stays on board with luxurious living areas and spacious cabins this 70-ton luxury yacht is for cruisers who want to travel further without sacrificing comfort elegance and leading-edge tack

 12.Interactive Sand using Augmented Reality 

the system allows users to make topography models by shaping real sand it works by detecting changes on the sand surface these changes dictate what features are projected onto an equivalent

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