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FREE PC Programs you always need

we're going to be taking a look at ten programs that you must have which are free to download right now so let's take a look at the 10 are chosen there are loads of other programs you can use but these are pretty much a good mix of programs which you can be using right now for free on your
 computer so run on Windows 10 machine here and the first one we're going to take a look at is

a handbrake 

now handbrake it's been around for quite a long time but the good thing about handbrake is it allows you to rip DVD's if you own those DVDs it also allows you to convert files compress video files down to a smaller size and all sorts of stuff like that so I want a virtual machine here so is running a bit slow as you can see here this is a handbrake itself and that is free to download but it is a very very powerful tool you can convert files from one type of extension to another as well and you can also as I said rip down files to whatever you like and you can see here a big long list of types of files that you can rip down to different sizes so for instance if you wanted to put them onto some sort of a phone or some loud now you can rip them down to a smaller size as well so this is an awesome program for that particular type of thing and if you wanna see more on this. the second program we're going to look at is


Dashlane is a program which you can use to store all your passwords now we know today in the world of storing passwords people write them on pieces of paper and also just can't remember passwords but we're good thing about dashlane is it also allows you to store all your information encrypted in here and it's a pretty decent bit of kit it really is there's loads of other types out there like LastPass and some other one they're there but this one is probably the picking a bunch if you asked in my opinion and again you can just set this up you just go on the tool here and also you can see your passwords will all be listed here inside this area and of course you can add a new password and that you can do password change out you can do types of passwords for like one time only passwords which if the junks all the sites and stuff like that you can also do personal information here payments and IDs and stuff like that and it's pretty secure as well and you can keep track of everything here as well which is really really useful and if want to see something on this. third program that we're going to talk about is


now you see me talk about and show you audacity before and audacity has been around for a very long time and this program is an essential bit of kit if you want to edit audio take out any sort of hissing noises or you want to get better bass your audio and it's a free program the daily download and it's a must-have better kit for any sort PC so what I'm going to spend too much time going through this you have seen we make videos on this so you can watch those videos. also another piece of kit which is pretty useful nowadays is this media player now it's called
Media Player Classic
now this compared to VLC  is right up there I think that equality on the video for a media player classic is a lot better than VLC you can do quite a lot with VLC as well and also I think with VLC dinning camera this but this is a really good sort of player so sometimes you have to use what you've got to your power and media player classic is my personal opinion for plain types of movies and if you put a comparison with media player classic and VLC and see the video quality you'll see this has much more vibrant colors and much sharper picture and this is another free program you can't download it's called media player classic. the next program we'll talk about is ever I always hear people talking about WinRAR and when Ron was really big back in a day but this program is surpassed when my personal opinion and it's called


is a free program to download and this allows you to add and extract files and compress files down to a super-duper super sort of limit you know so you can compress a file down so small that it becomes sociable to distribute on on the internet stuff like that now there are different differences in types of media that you are going to compress and it will compress and a different sort of format so for instance if you've got a video that you're trying to compress down to a very small size you may have a bit difficulty doing that to a real small type size whereas if you had a text document you could crunch that down to virtually nothing and it could be hundreds of megabytes in size and it will be just like kilobytes once you crunch that down and that's 10 that's a free program you can download and you should be using this rather than windrow right now another one that we're gonna be talking about which you've seen me use before which is called search

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